Mix Tape Radio: Episode 059

EPISODE 059 kicks off with Nathaniel & his night sweating affliction, and before Jason Isbell waves the final flag, you’ll hear tracks from Sharon Van Etten, Yo La Tengo, Advance Base, Frog and a bunch more good stuff. So grab the headphones and find the play button.

20X14 | 280 SONGS FROM 2014

Since the year in question is 2014, and since 20X14 = 280, this yearly summary playlist consists of 280 nice tunes released in the year 2014. From 280 different artists. Reshuffled on the regular for repeat shuffles. You can’t argue with that math.

FANDCAMP: Don't Hide From The Light

“A charmingly dark slice of post-ambient pop. Pat Moon strikes a chord with your soul from the first tracks; "Feel You", "Show Me A Sign", and final song, "Enter My Mind" being the strongest songs. This record takes me to a dreamy little island on a crisp morning as the sun is about to rise.”


“The internal dialogue of a drunk Leonard Cohen album, restless and pacing around the basement in the early hours of the morning, unable to shake that moment from earlier in the night when a friend lit a cigarette & said, “You don’t have to always be so intense, dude. Take a chill pill.”


Nothing fires up the travel memories / fantasies like putting on some tunes that are in a language you don't fully understand. Close your eyes and all of the sudden you're in France or Spain or whatever language that one is. Works best if you're a philistine like me who can only speak one language.


“If you are a fan of dirty and raw punk n‘ roll, the stuff that sounds like it has just been freshly scraped off the floor of a garage, you'd be hard pressed to find a better album from 2012 than this one.”