Words & Playlist by HI54LOFI

If you're just interested in a frequently updated playlist that can be put on shuffle for 24hrs straight without hearing the same artist twice, skip the words & jump straight to Spotify. But if you want some words…

Did you know that it takes 400 to 450 songs—heck, let's just call it an even 420—to make a playlist that will play for an entire day without repeating a song?

I know this because I used to run a 24/7 internet radio station and you end up making note of this sort of math when plotting how to make a non-repetitive rotation with a limited amount of uploaded songs allowed (#rip old internet radio stream).

Sure, the number "four twenty" also has some reefer connotations, but I promise that 97% of the reason I made this playlist was because I wanted something that people could play non-stop for *at least* 24 hours straight. And I wanted to fill the playlist with the kind of music that I classify as "safe for most work places, but not boring and lame or the same 50 artists over and over again"—because I know what it's like having a job where you want music on in the background all day errday, but you can't have headphones on because you have to interact with other people (aka customers) so you can’t have a song come up that will have you running for the volume button and/or ear muffs.

So having a playlist where one can just push play once and not have to worry about finding any more music options for the rest of the day, that can be a very necessary thing to have access to.

It's probably most accurate to think of this 420≠ALLDAY Spotify playlist as the portable jukebox that sits in the corner of my made-up establishment: 'The HI54LOFI'. And if you don’t use Spotify you can find some other listening options (Apple, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc) over on Soundsgood.

But, "what kind of place is this 'The HI54LOFI'?" you ask. Well, as I've once described to a friend…

The HI54LOFI is like this cool pub or cafe, except I don't have to prepare anybody's drinks or worry about ordering stock or anything like that. I just pick out the music. And it's also maybe a thrift store, but one of those cool ones where all the books & records & clothes & stuff is good, but the prices aren't marked up crazy. What would you call one of those? Not financially viable? Oh, ok.

Anyways, as I plan on keeping this playlist at 420 songs, I will be jumping in and tweaking the song selection whenever the feeling hits me. For example, whenever I listen to new-to-me music and go "ohh… I think that would sound good down at the ol' HI54LOFI" (aka: standard hi54 blahg procedure). And at the start of every month I fire up my clunky desktop version of Spotify and find 54 new tracks and add them to the top (and remove the oldest tracks from the bottom).

So if the idea of being able to throw 24hrs worth of music on shuffle whenever you're in need of some tasty background ear candy—for example, maybe you have your own pretend and/or real establishment—make sure you hit the 'Follow' button on Spotify as that way you'll get those sweet auto-magic updates to the track selection whenever I make them (I also swap in new tracks throughout the month as well). Or, bookmark this Soundsgood player for non-Spotify listening options.


Jeremy / @HI54LOFI

SHUFFLE UPDATE: September 2, 2019

SHUFFLE UPDATE: September 2, 2019