Now, some of you might be too young to remember this, but… before MTV became a place that played snippets of music to transition between scenes of loosely scripted reality tv, they used to play music videos all day. Like, whole songs and everything — just one music video after another. All. Day. Ok, most of the day. Plus commercials. But still, it was pretty nice to have it on in the background if you weren’t sure what else to put on and you had the school holiday house/tv to yourself for the day.

Anyways… as you have probably heard, MTV does not play music videos all day anymore :(

But that doesn’t mean watching music videos all day has to go away :)

In fact, there’s easier access to more music videos than ever before.

So here at HI54 we say:

If MTV doesn’t want to run a stream of music videos all day, well “eff MTV” we will just do it ourselves \m/

…and we’ll do it ourselves with the above video player that is set to randomly shuffle all the nice music videos I continue to add to this big ‘ol Youtube playlist (which means you can also follow on Youtube if you prefer watching / listening / shuffling over there).

And since this collection of music videos can also be used as an alternative to turning on the radio, let’s make that “f*** MTV!” from earlier a little less agro and just call the whole idea ‘FM/TV’ instead.


Jeremy // @HI54LOFI

PS - If you’d like to submit your music for HI54 consideration, you can drop a track off in my Submithub queue.