A couple of years ago, I took part in this Twitter thing called #MWE—which I believe stands for Music Writing Experience or Music Writing Experiment, but I'm still waiting for the intern to come back with the research to confirm (Siri? SIRI?!). In a nutshell, it was this thing where you were supposed to listen to an album you had never got around to listening to—a front to back, full listen—and then you were to craft a one tweet review. And you were supposed to do that once a day, for the entire month of February.

I quite enjoyed the brevity.

Well, HI:54 LO:5 is basically me co-opting the bones of that #MWE idea so I can do it for longer than one month a year. I went with the review rule of ‘no more than 54 words, no less than 5’ because I’m a little bit of a word play fanatic, so a mild obsession with "five" and "for" has now become a problem for me. Also, upping the max to 54 words gave reviews the little extra bit of head room that was missing when trying to fit an #MWE review in 140 characters or less (which was the fashion at the time). 

Of course, Twitter is now 280 characters, so maybe expect future HI:54 LO:5 reviews directly out on the socials. Heck, feel free to use #HI54LO5 on the socials to do your own '54 words or less’ reviews of things. I might even share some of them back here on the blahg, or at least do some retweeting on the HIGH FIVE FOR socials.


Jeremy // @HI54LOFI