Look, I don't mean to litter this site with High Fidelity references (exhibit A and exhibit B), but I'd be remiss not to include a "what really matters is what you like, not what you are like" quote GIF on the same page where I aim to draw your attention to a Q&A series where people are asked what they like. I mean…


For those not already familiar, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED W/ is a re-occurring blog feature where the same 5 questions are sent to different people from both my irl and url worlds—those two alternate universes that sometimes feel like one when you do a lot of communicating via blog. The questions in question cover the full range of important life categories one could ever hope to receive an on the spot recommendation in.

I am, of course, talking about: Music, TV/Film, Books, The Internet and—to make sure all bases are covered—Anything.

And oh look, here comes some HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’s right now…

You'll be hard pressed not to find at least one solid recommendation from each Q&A no matter who you are, but usually you’ll find more than a few little treasures to take back to make your own personal orbit a little bit better for a little bit. And there’s good odds you’ll also discover a few recommenders functioning on a similar wave length as yourself—and wouldn’t you know it—they’re putting recommendable stuff out into the universe too.

And since the things people keep up on the top shelf of life are made of the kind of quality that doesn't come with expiry dates, you can spend hours unearthing gem after gem from this long-running little series that asks HI54-recommended folks what they recommend themselves. To be honest, you've stumbled on a real gold mine of clickable things here.

So either go start filling your metaphorical pockets with one of the more recent HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’s featured above OR just go start flipping through them all, one after another, over on the blahg.

You might even say that doing so is… highly recommended (eh? eh?).


Jeremy // @HI54LOFI