"…that all depends"

"…that all depends"


First off, I'm sorry that whatever link you clicked on has led you to this page. That's just sloppy internetting on my part and I do apologize.

The truth is, this scrappy/nappy little blog has never won any awards for being well thought out. It has gone thru its fair share of "…everybody out of the kitchen, shut it down! Shut It Down! SHUT. IT. DOWN!!" moments throughout the years. Name changes. Features start and then end, only to just start again. Re-designs. Re-thinks. Re-realizations that there is never enough enough time to keep things moving smoothly, especially when that thing doesn't earn any money. Life. Death. Taxes.

I wish I could just magically re-direct you to where you wanted to go, but that would have required me being more careful and intentional with the builds and re-builds throughout the years (y'know, creating URL re-directs and nerdy stuff like that).

Also, it should be noted that you've landed here in the middle of another one of those "blow everything up and start again" stages. So everything is very much not where it should be and a lot of things haven't even been put back together.

Here's an idea: how about we both just take a moment to forget about whose fault it is that you ended up on this HIGH FIVE FOR… 404 PAGE, and instead, let's watch this video of Michael Jordan taking on Charlie Sheen & Martin Sheen in a game of horse. Because this is a thing that actually happened. It is not a particularly good video, but it is still interesting to be a witness to stuff like this in case it ever comes up at a cocktail party.

And now that everything is all good again, how about we both get back to cruising the internet looking for good things? Perhaps you can start your search in the HI54 Notebook, maybe just peruse the blahg.

Or maybe this search bar could be of some use:

If none of that suffices, you can always holler at @HI54LOFI on the socials about whatever is wrong—most problems on here can usually be traced back to him.


Jeremy // @HI54LOFI