FAQ U is a new category on the HI54 BLOG where I try to answer some of the questions that people often ask me (or some of the questions I feel like people would ask me if anybody read this blog enough to have any questions they could be bothered to ask). This is one of those questions.


[NOTE: this post is for people who've submitted music on Submithub - if that's not you but you would like it to be, you can send me music on Submithub every Sunday to Wednesday over HERE and you can read why I started using SubmitHub for handling submissions HERE + you can read a follow-up post about what people get wrong about Submithub HERE]

When I approve a submission on Submithub, not only does that mean I liked the song, but it means I liked it on that level where I feel an urge to pass the tune on to someone else (which is a much higher level of “like” than your standard “ya, I like this fine enough”). According to my most recent Submithub submission stats, that happens only about 7% of the time with my ears. So, being in the top 90% for the ears of some dude on the internet… that's alright, right?

As for how I follow-up on the urge to "pass the tune on to someone else" - almost 100% of my Submithub approvals lead to placement in one of the human-curated Spotify "mix cds" that I update on the regular. You can usually expect to go from 'approved’ to ‘shared' within one week, sometimes sooner (I try to clear my Approved queue on Submithub every weekend).

I try to run my Spotify playlists a bit like a DIY radio station, and hopefully in a way that encourages people to come back and listen more than once. I am always tweaking the selection and re-promoting the same playlists (ie. adding / removing tracks rather than creating new playlists like 'June 2018', 'April 2016', etc)—but you can expect your song to be in the playlist I share with you for at least a month or so (usually longer). I also try to share music I like multiple times, so once a track is in my "DIY radio library" you can expect the song to pop up in other playlists of mine down the road, for as long as I use Spotify.

For example, every week I shuffle up all the tracks I’ve included in Mix Tapes & Mix CDs over the years, and I grab a fresh batch of 54 songs / artists and update this ‘THE HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE’ playlist:

Speaking of weekly shuffle updates… every Monday I create a Shuffle Up’d Eight post to highlight 8 tracks from my latest Spotify shuffle updates… and since those highlighted tracks are usually Bandcamp embeds, that has lead to me making monthly Playmoss playlists called ‘THE HI54 BANDCAMP SHUFFLE’ where every track in the mix links directly to the artists’ Bandcamp page:

And besides the specific mix cd your track will get featured in & all the subsequent HI54 playlists it might find its way into later, all HI54 Submithub approvals also end up in a big archive playlist (which makes for a nice shuffle) + you can also expect your track to end up in my ongoing collection of music released this year (and/or maybe it ends up in one of these nostalgic headphone collections)

Some Submithub approvals (depending on how they were submitted to me) will also find themselves in either a "SubmitCloud" Soundcloud playlist or in a music video shuffle thing called "FM/TV". Or in one of those ‘BANDCAMP SHUFFLES’ I mentioned earlier.


If I've approved a track of yours on Submithub, it is safe to assume that I'd be open for having MP3s sent my way for consideration in a future Mixcloud "mix tape" (these mixes are much more dependant on flow / song order, so I can't make any guarantees that a track you send me MP3s for will make it into a mix tape).

When I'm on top of my blogging game, I do these mix tapes about every 2 weeks. But because Mixcloud mixes take much longer to put together than a Spotify playlist, and because sometimes real life doesn't gel well with having time to update a music blog, the 2 week interval has been known to get stretched into months.

Luckily, there’s a pretty decent back catalog to peruse during a HI54 time-drought.

My preferred way to have MP3s sent to me is via a Bandcamp download code, as that way I can also add the album to my Bandcamp collection and I can also write a little mini-review that will show up under the album on Bandcamp (a fave BC feature of mine that inspired an ongoing HI54 feature called 'Fandcamp'). Also, sending me your music via a Bandcamp download code will make your album show up in the Music Feed of all the folks who follow me on Bandcamp, which can often lead to actual purchases (aka #BandcampBooyakasha). Also, the Bandcamp app is pretty dope.

I don't really write about why I like albums/songs or how they make me feel on the blog anymore. I think I ran out of ways of expanding “I like this, you should check it out” every day/week quite awhile ago, but I also was never really good at that stuff. Instead, I just try to create different listening experiences (aka "radio alternatives") where folks can casually discover new music/artists while they go about their day to day.

That being said, I do think people like hearing top shelf recommendations if the task is spread around to include tastes other than just my own — which is why there is an ongoing Q&A feature on HI54 called HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

These Q&A's are open to artists that get past the original submission gate of "do I like the music?" - so, if you’ve had a track approved and you'd like to do one, shoot me a message in our Submithub chat to let me know (or send me an email).

And I guess that more or less sets the table of expectations for what one can expect when they get a Submithub message that says:

"Good news! I would like to share YOUR SONG as part of a blog playlist, ideally within the next week on HIGH FIVE FOR"

As you can see, Submithub is like my ears Firewall. And once something gets past my Firewall, it usually ends up in my regular rotations. Call me old fashioned, but I like to spend time with the stuff that catches my fancy for more than just the week I discovered it — because what’s the point of finding stuff you like if all you do is just keep looking for more stuff?

So there are often extra random adds/shares that I do beyond the original Spotify playlist add that I will send you a link to on Submithub to ‘mark your track as shared’.

But, all of the above comes first with you getting a song into my ears and me going, "I like this song that is in my ears" — and the way to do that, if you haven't already, is by getting your song in my Submithub queue (and, again, if you want a long ramble on why I use Submithub, you can find that in another blahg post + if you’ve got bad feelings in your gut about Submithub and the blogs that use it, I recommend cleansing your palette with this blahg post).

I currently accept Premium AND Standard submissions from Sunday to Wednesday, every week that I’m not on vacation.

Cheers and see you out on the internets \m/

I hope you found the above information useful, but if you didn't and would like to ask a different question for the HI54 FAQ U section that is relevant to your interests, you can do so on the form below:

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