A short list of handy Radio alternatives for that daily problem of "what should I LISTEN TO?"



MIX TAPE RADIO = radio programmed by Mix Tape

SIDE A | An all day collection of sweet, human-made mixes.


SIDE B | Just like SIDE A, except an entirely different collection of sweet, human-made mixes.

Press play on one of the above players to fire up that entire SIDE, or you can push the UP NEXT  buttons to choose which mix tape you want to start your listen at. New mixes will be added on the regular (and there is already hours & hours of music contained on each "side").

** MIX TAPE RADIO runs on Mixcloud. I don't think you even need a Mixcloud account to just listen—but if you find you like listening to music on there, you can always signup for a free listener account and get Mixcloud's free app for your phone. CLICK HERE for more info about MIX TAPE RADIO **



If you think about it, Spotify playlists are a lot like Mix CDs. Except better. Take the above playlist.

You can save this 420 track playlist for offline listening and then throw it on shuffle anywhere you go, whether there be wifi or not. And if you hit the 'Follow' button, not only will you save this playlist for easy access the next time you need a trusty 24 hours worth of non-repeating music, but anytime new songs are added to the mix, everything auto-magically updates on your end. Modern mix cd on steroids.

The same perks apply to any other human-made playlist you might find on Spotify—a great selection of which you'll be able to find on HIGH Five for example:

** In order to listen to these Spotify Mix CDS in full, you need a Spotify account. You can get a free one, or you can also find HI54 on SOUNDSGOOD.co where you’ll find a few other listening options. CLICK HERE for more info on #HI54MIXCDS / MIX CD RADIO **



Because MTV long ago abandoned the idea of playing music videos all day, and because pressing shuffle on a bunch of music videos is a nice alternative to turning on the FM radio…

… I've got a big ol' Youtube playlist going that I will continue to fill with music videos (new and old) so you can press play on the above player (which is already set to shuffle) or you can go listen/subscribe on Youtube whenever the feeling to veg out on some music videos takes your fancy. I call it FM/TV because f mtv right?


SubmitCloud SoundHub

I had completely gone off using Soundcloud awhile back - but then I started using SubmitHub and all of the sudden I was listening to a whole bunch of tracks linked to Soundcloud. So, I figured… why not collect all those Soundcloud songs I approved on SubmitHub and put them into ongoing monthly playlists?  Y'know, like these:


The HI54 Bandcamp Shuffle

Do you fancy listening to all the Bandcamp tracks that were highlighted in all the “SHUFFLE UP’D 8” posts each month — all in handy Playmoss playlists that link each track to the artist’s Bandcamp page (where you can support any artist that catches your ears directly, while also building up your own Bandcamp collection & perhaps leaving behind your own Fandcamp reviews)?

Well, now you can do that:



…but until then




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** BUT PLEASE NOTE: If you want to send me music to check out, I deal with all Submissions over on Submithub. So if you’re wanting me to listen to some tunes, Submithub is where I deal with all the “hey… can you listen to this & also blog about it”that I get sent on the regular…

…and here’s a blog post about why I started using Submithub and here’s a blog post about what you can expect if getting a track approved by HI54 on Submithub (it’s not much, but at least it’s something).