The SHUFFLE UP’D EIGHT for this week…

Every week I update ‘THE HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE’ with a fresh mix of 54 tracks from 54 different artists, all of which have been featured on a HI54 MIX CD and/or a HI54 MIX TAPE at some point over the years of blahging. In other words, it’s a shuffle of a giant collection of songs that have already been passed thru a HI54 Headphone Filter©, which makes it a pretty solid playlist to follow on Spotify / check out over here on the weekly (or jump over to Soundsgood for listening options other than Spotify).

But the thing about playlists is —as nice of an alternative to radio that they are to throw on while you distractedly go about whatever it is you’re distractedly going about today— sometimes we lose sight of the individual-ness of of all the individual tracks. Especially, in this case, when there are 54 tracks/artists and the selection of 54 changes every week. Things can get “lost in the shuffle” as they say.

So that’s why I started pulling out 8 gems from each week’s shuffle update & putting the Bandcamp/Soundcloud embeds below (to appease the Hype Machine gods, now that HI54 is listed on there like a real music blog, but also for you to consider adding to your own collections) + some artist links to explore further & some different HI54 playlists that you can listen to each track mingling with a different batch of songs (because, remember, THE HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE self-destructs with new music each week).




You can also find this track on the big HI54 MIX CD ‘20X18’, which features 360 tracks from 360 different artists, all released in the year that was 2018 (20 X 18 = 360, get it?) + + you can also find the video for the lovely live session hanging out in the all day HI54 ‘FM/TV’ rotation.




You can also find this track in the ongoing collection “EVERYTHING LIKED IN < INSERT CURRENT YEAR >", which is an ongoing collection of everything great from 2019 + + you can always find the ‘official performance’ video popping up in the HI54 ‘FM/TV’ rotation.




You can also find this track on the giant HI54 MIX CD ‘420 ≠ ALL DAY", which is a collection of 420 tracks from 420 different artists that you can press play on and be set for a soundtrack for the next 24 hours. Which is a long time to listen straight, so feel free to come back to it often (song selection tweaked on the regular) + you can also find this track on Episode 32 of The Mix Tape Radio Show (which was the last episode that aired on Folk Radio UK).




You can also find this track in the HI54 MIX CD ‘STOP TALKING I‘M TRYING TO THINK’, which is an ongoing 4hr+ playlist featuring the kind of music that makes you realize how distracting song lyrics can be when you’re trying to concentrate on something + you can also check out what Jeffrey Silverstein thinks you should check out in this highly recommended ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Q&A.




You can also find this sunny track in the ‘HI54… SUMMER’ MIX CD, and with actual Summer just around the corner you might just want to start storing this playlist next to your fave sunglasses + + you can always find the music video floating about in the HI54 ‘FM/TV’ rotation.




You can also find this track on the HI54 MIX CD ‘NIECHES’, which I keep updated with non-bloke-fronted vibes for my 3 little nieces as they start to get into non-Disney music + you can always find the music video bopping around in the HI54 ‘FM/TV’ rotation.




You can also find this track in the HI54 ‘MORNINGS’ MIX CD, which, as the name implies, is a nice playlist to throw on shuffle while you shuffle about doing morning things.




You can find this track on the UK-flavoured HI54 MIX CD ‘U… KAY?’ + + you can also find this track on Episode 73 of The Mix Tape Radio Show.

Ok, that’s the SHUFFLE UP’D EIGHT for this week’s ‘THE HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE’ update (and yes, you’re right: “shuffle up’d eight” does sound a lot like “shuffle update”). Hopefully you found a few new pieces for your personal headphone collection, whether that be from the 8 tracks highlighted above, or from one of the many other avenues of exploration you can find these 8 sitting next to on a HI54 RADIO somewhere.

And remember, when you hear something you like, share it with someone you like. Because good music getting around to more ears is never a bad thing — in fact, I would argue that it is a demonstrably good thing.

Mix Tape Radio: Episode 043

Mix Tape Radio: Episode 043