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This playlist is partially made up of the music I spent countless hours listening intently to in the actual 90s and partially made up of a bunch of “new-to-me” 90s music — and then there are a few of those songs that you can only get away with listening to today if you say you're listening to a 90s mix.


Every week I shuffle up all the songs I’ve liked over the years—well, all the songs I was smrt enough to keep track of/remember—and I put together a fresh mix of 54 tunes. Every week. It’s the kind of playlist you can listen from start-to-finish and come back and listen again on shuffle a few more times before a fresh batch of 54 tunes/artists comes to headphone hang out for a week.


A house party is a special breed. Usually the sound is selected by an amateur committee of a real mixed bag of tastes. If you're not too careful, the music can get extra cheesy and lame and things get sloppy way too fast. It can also get too cool for school and no fun. It's a fine line. This mix is made with those two worries in mind.


“I have 3 little nieces. They are currently 8, 7 and 4. This is a playlist I keep updated with songs I think / hope they might like. So, yeah, it is made for a very niche audience… but if you like the sounds of a non-bloke heavy mix, you might also dig it in your headphones too.”

20X16 | 320 SONGS FROM 2016

Since the year in question is 2016, and since 20X16 = 320, this yearly summary playlist consists of 320 nice tunes released in the year 2016. From 320 different artists. Reshuffled on the regular for repeat shuffles. You can’t argue with that math.