Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 020


It's been a little while since the last episode of ‘Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK’, but fear not loyal listener —or maybe listeners… not sure if we're at plural status yet — the show has only been on hiatus these past few weeks due to some of the usual reasons (busy-ness) and some other reasons (there've been some changes happening over at Folk Radio UK). But now all the pieces are back in place for us to get on our 'almost bi-weekly' schedule of mix tapes.

Well, the busy-ness is actually going to be heading into overdrive the next little while for me: the ashes are in town (which, I guess, is like the Super Bowl of cricket for all you non-cricket aware countries - aka 95% of the world), so the hostel is going to be crazy busy; my girlfriends parents are also in town visiting from Denmark; I'm building a website for someone; and I also started a 24 hour internet radio station. I guess the busy-ness never really goes away

However, the new way that Folk Radio UK will be hosting the Mix Tape Radio show has changed in a way that will not only make the work of getting a show ready a little easier on my end… but it will also make things a lot easier for you all to tune in. From this point on, future episodes of 'Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK' will be available on FRUK's Mixcloud  right from the start. So you won't need to remember to tune in at any specific times anymore. And I won't need to post about air times. And since Mixcloud shows you what song is playing during the mix, I also won't need to put together a linkable list of all the songs on the episode so that you can figure out who's singing that song whenever one catches your ear. Which is quite handy, especially as my show doesn't have any of that convenient talking in between songs to let you know what's playing (and I used to always stress about people not being able to know what was playing).

But enough about all of that… here's a little bit about the next episode:

Episode 20 is another 60 minutes of solid tunes, featuring 17 different artists, mixed together in a way that (hopefully) makes for a pleasant little soundtrack to a small part of your day. It borrows heavily from a recent Canada Day mix tape that I put together with Wake The Deaf, but it is not the exact same track listing (and Episode 20 doesn't exclusively feature Canadian artists). It borrows from that Canada Day mix not because I was being lazy, but rather, there was some really ace songs on that mix that really complimented each other quite well. And speaking of Wake The Deaf, that lovely cover of ‘Holocene’ that you'll hear in the first half of the episode comes off of another great covers compilation that they recently put together, which you should definitely get.

So there you have it. The first on demand episode of 'Mix Tape Radio on FRUK'. All that's left to do is pop on your headphones, press play (if you haven't already), and dig in.

And if you enjoy what you hear, you can pop over to the HI54LOFI Mixcloud page and listen to the 19 previous episodes. And you can also swing by HI54LOFI and give the 'Mix Tape Radio As An Internet Radio Station' station a test drive.

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