Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 019


For me, one of the trickiest things about doing this bi-weekly radio show —besides how quickly another 2 weeks seems to come and go— has been in trying to communicate the track listing in the best way. Some music is available on one site and not on others. Some sites are available in some countries and not in others. I'm announcing the episode today and on my site, but you can't actually listen to the episode today or on my site. And to top things off, ‘Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK’ is a 1 hour mix tape of continuous music where I don't talk in between the tracks. So it's all a bit tricky.

As I've been quite enjoying using a service called Songdrop, I thought I would put together the track listing as a listenable mix tape. And then below the Songdrop mix tape, each track is either linked to where you can get it on Bandcamp, or, failing that, a link to where you can get it on iTunes.

So hopefully this will make it easier for you to explore / support the artists on the episode further, while also giving you a good idea of why you should tune in to a schedule air time (remember, the episode you hear on Folk Radio UK is a more mixed and tasty version of the Songdrop mix tape below… so mark your calendar and tune in).


Episode 19 - Air Times & Track Listing


As always, for the first week, the only place to listen to the episode is by tuning in to Folk Radio UK at the above dates / times (you can listen to Folk Radio UK in more than a few ways, one of which being directly on Facebook). And if you missed any of the previous episodes, you can listen to them all over on Mixcloud or find them in the iTunes Podcast directory (and in about a weeks time, you'll be able to find this episode in those two places as well).

Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 020

Episode 018 - Now Streaming On Mixcloud