SHUFFLE UPDATE: July 1, 2019

SHUFFLE UPDATE: July 1, 2019


The SHUFFLE UP’D EIGHT for this week…

I originally started these weekly ‘SHUFFLE UP’d EIGHT’ posts solely as a way to highlight a few tracks (ok, 8 tracks if you want to get specific) from the weekly reshuffling ‘HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE’ playlist—which I update every Monday (including this Monday) with 54 new tracks/artists, if you still want to follow on Spotify/find other listening options on Soundsgood—but then I thought:

What if sometimes the “shuffle up’d 8” got pulled from a different HI54 Spotify playlist? Y’know, as a way to highlight a different HI54 Mix CD, because those also get reshuffled regularly too, albeit not every week, but still?

And since this Monday falls on July 1st, a date which we up here in Canada refer to as “Canada Day”, I figured I would try this idea out with a fresh shuffle update of the 95 Canadian tracks/artists featured in the current edition of the HI54 ‘EH CANADA’ mix cd (♫ Spotify / Soundsgood):

That way I could give the whole playlist a top-to-bottom touch-up, and there’s no reason why I can’t just meet my recently self-imposed ‘Every Monday, You Gotta Prepare 8 Bandcamp Embeds for the Hype Machine Bots, Because Hype Machine Doesn’t Grab Spotify Tracks’ quota by pulling out eight gems from this week’s Canadian-flavoured shuffle update instead of the usual ‘HI54 WEEKLY SHUFFLE’. I believe people in the industry call this: “repurposing an old bit”.

So, if for some reason you don’t have time right now to start shuffling through the full 95 tracks (I get it, that’s over 5.5 hours of music — which is awesome, but also a lot), I highly recommend you have a scroll thru the tidy 8-track Bandcamp sampling below — and if/when you hear something you like, make sure to check the artist out further:

























And that’s the SHUFFLE UP’D EIGHT for this week’s shuffle update (and yes, you’re right: “shuffle up’d eight” does sound a lot like “shuffle update”).

Hopefully you’ll find a few new pieces for your personal headphone collection, whether that be from the 8 tracks highlighted above, or from one of the many other excellent tracks/artists featured in the full ‘EH CANADA’ playlist (which gets updated regularly if you fancy following).

In closing, as always: when you hear something you like, share it with someone you like & show some support to the people making the something you like. Because more good things will keep happening if more good things keep making it around to more good people. That’s just how it works. So do your part and help increase the amount of good getting out there, any way you can.

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