Newer Human Reminds Older Humans How To Properly Use Brain, Heart and Spine (Again)

Newer Human Reminds Older Humans How To Properly Use Brain, Heart and Spine (Again)

Adults identifying on the “centre” and “left” need to realize that Greta Thunberg was not just giving all the right-winged Trumps in sheep clothing the stink eye when she said “#HowDareYou” in her speech to the UN.

As therapeutic as it is to throw fingers at the most blatant bad guys, she’s talking about ALL OF US adults — even those of us who consider ourselves to be one of the good guys (me too). Because the reality is, most of our default modes are still set to just keep naively waiting for the same version of crooks at the top to do something *ANYTHING* for the good of everybody else, all the while we all keep participating in & propping up the very system that benefits explicitly from continuing to f*ck the majority of us over. They’re not just going to change their ways, so we’re going to have to change ours regardless.

Of course, our collectively compromised politicians over the years deserve a major chunk of the disgust, but we're also the ones voting for the same personal compromises over and over again, becoming more and more complacent each time we get served back the same openly corrupt and self-serving results. We’d stand up and fight but no one wants to fall behind in the never-ending battle for the increasingly smaller number of crumbs that fall from the table.

Because… economy, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Totally U.N.related to the above: there are some very important elections coming up in 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 and we all really need to stop falling for the same overt manipulations in the media, either pitting us all against each other, or overwhelming us all into apathy. I mean, Donald Trump became the president of America & Boris Johnson is the UK Prime Minister. They’re not even trying to pretend the whole thing isn’t a farce anymore, they’re just going for one last big smash and grab because they know they can’t put the internet back in the bottle and we’re all slowly starting to catch on (way too slowly, I might add). Which means this might be our last chance to drastically change things up before the opportunity gets irreversibly out of our hands.

We can't afford to keep pulling our punches, playing it safe, voting “strategically” and waiting until the next election cycle to really shake things up, once every thing settles back down to “normal”.

So, with that thought in mind, I'm Canadian & I'm voting for the Green Party this election - I hope others will join me. America, please don't blow your chance at Bernie again. And don’t worry, we can always go more left later (although, valuing ALL life really shouldn’t be a “left” thing, but here we are), but first we need to actually go left of where the centre would be if the right hadn’t pushed things so far to the edge that the whole scale is completely off (Nazi’s marching *IN AMERICA*, really? We’re letting it go all the way to there?).

And no doubt, many people will shout, “but the economy! we have to think about the economy!” but I say let’s just let the pieces fall where they may — that's how tearing down and rebuilding a broken system is supposed to go anyways (and if you can't see how messed up & broken things currently are, at this stage, you're either too proud to admit you’re getting grifted or you’re being willfully ignorant - or maybe you don’t have internet, in that case: HELLO 👋 WELCOME TO A “BLOG”).

I promise, if we start taxing the rich more (or prices and wages could just be fairly adjusted if they really hate the idea of “taxes”) and if we start rebuilding our infrastructure around renewable energies and environmentally minded efficiencies and if we stop making things so they intentionally don’t last long and if we stop letting all the worst people make all the rules and if we slow. the. fuck. down and start focusing on making ‘Quality of Life for EVERYBODY’ a societal goal instead of whatever it is we’re not collectively working towards now, I promise: the economy that exists in that world will, uh, find a way.


No matter which way these upcoming elections swing, a lot of the real work will still need to happen on the individual/community levels, outside of the current corrupt systems that are not going to just start un-corrupting themselves, even if the vote went the best possible way. But, by not wasting our votes to just hand the keys back to the same characters that have proven time & time again they don't have our collective interests in mind, we can make that individual/community work A LOT easier to do.


#HI54LO5 “Be a good human and watch this enlightening & sobering talk about where the world is going no matter how much we keep stubbornly trying to delay the change by propping up our corrupt pre-internet systems / masters. For real, find 1.5 hours somewhere for this & then let's go to work.”

Listen to your heart and gut about what is actually "right" and try talking to real people about what concerns them about the present & the future. Stop repeating the surface-level talking points/conflicts that get handed down for divide & conquer purposes. Take a breath. Listen. Think. Look around. We're all in this together, and most of us want the same things.

And for those not ready to believe what the science is saying, this stuff goes WAY deeper than climate concerns (climate change is just the most alarming / hard to ignore even-for-white-people red flag at the front of the line). So, even if you’re not ready to retire your “So much for global warming…” bit for a few more winters, at the very least, we all have to be ready to agree on no longer wanting to be a pushover minion for the extremely wealthy.

We need to stop arguing amongst each other on their behalf, against our own interests. This stuff has been going on forever. It’s been getting called out forever. And it’s getting sad that we keep going along with it anyways. Especially when you consider how much bigger a number 99% is than 1% (not sure if anyone’s done the math, but it is waaaaay bigger).

The reality is, we currently live in a society where 26 individuals have more wealth than 50% of the world. In a world with 7.7 BILLION people. That's insane. And it is just one of many stats we've all heard before and should get better at keeping in the back of our minds for whenever someone tells us that stuff like 'protecting the environment' or 'free healthcare for everybody' is totally unrealistic.

Because it's actually pretty realistic, and I can think of 26 ways just off the top of my head on where we could start. And I’m just a dumb blogger. Imagine if we started listening to what the really smrt people are saying/have been saying for ages.

So, s/o to all the young people calling bs on the supposed grown-ups. I think most of us adults are hearing you and some of us are actually still pretty young ourselves (in spirit, at least) and we’ve already been working on biting our tongues less and less…


…but a lot of our old world programming runs pretty deep & some of us are pretty far into the life we were sold, so please keep reminding us adults of what it's like to not have been completely swallowed up by a system of control that's been fine-tuned and handed down for generations. Most of us above 30 humans did not grow up with unlimited access to *all the information* like this inspiring new generation has had on tap since birth; re-finding our moral fortitude is going to take a few extra half-starts before it gains momentum.

But don’t be patient with us olds, there’s no time, just be sympathetic.

Because, I promise, we can see all the bs too. We were just taught to get used to it or fall behind. And that’s a hard habit to unlearn.

So, kids, keep pushing these conversations with the grown-ups in your lives. And grown-ups, we need to go from listening to acting a whole faster than we currently are. Because the calls are coming from inside the house.

And besides, what’s the worse that could happen?

*PS - this blog post is an expanded version of the previous days Facebook rant, which started off as a Tweet, which is all part of a new FREE 4-step writing technique I am trying out called #TweetFaceDraftBlahg™

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