Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 013


The 13th episode of ‘Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK’ is going to have a bit of a ‘valentines’ theme. This is not because I am a fan of this time of year, but more because, it just happens to be this time of year. And let's not beat around the bush… HI54LOFI RECORDS has a Valentines Day compilation available, so doing a Valentines Special seemed like a pretty nice way to sneak in a few tracks from that compilation and casually point out to people that said compilation would make a great V-Day gift (because, let's be honest, as much as Valentines Day is a marketing scheme cooked up in a high-rise boardroom to push unnecessary purchases on the overworked masses, it is still kind of nice to get someone you fancy something nice).

Personally, I don't really care for Valentines Day. I'm pretty sure there is nothing romantic about trying to do something romantic because it is the day that everyone is supposed to do something romantic. It's actually a bit sad when you think about it. But at the same time, the emotions and feelings that are stirred up around this time of the year are quite interesting. And there are a lot of great songs that were written while those exact same emotions and feelings were once being stirred. So, musically, it makes for a fine theme. Here are the air times…

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Besides searching for whatever tracks / artists tickle your fancy on whichever music site you prefer to use / are available in your country, I've included links to listen to each track individually over on exfm (as exfm is not only one of my favourite sites, but also available across all borders).

On top of that,  I will also be posting more about the music included in this episode throughout the week, and you can filter all those posts by clicking on the Episode 013 tag. You can also click on any of the artist tags below to see any other posts that may feature said artist.

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