Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 011


After two episodes that ran a little bit longer (the Christmas Special and the Best Of 2012 episode both ran 90 minutes), Mix Tape Radio is back to a brisk 60 minutes. EPISODE 011 also sees the return of Bedroom Sessions, although that is kind of a lie (if you want to get technical on me).

You see, the 5th Bedroom Session comes from Tyler Butler, but it was not recorded in a bedroom. It was recorded in a church. But if you think about it, I'm sure god considers every church his bedroom, so in a way, it still works. And besides, when you hear the three tracks Tyler performed you'll see that they sound intimate enough to have been sung from the edge of a bed into a laptop mic on the dresser.

You'll hear one of the tracks from Tyler Butler's Bedroom Session (the entire session is available to download for free) sandwhiched in between 17 other great tracks / artists (although, one 'track' is just the audio from this brilliant video). 

(and you can also get this and all previous albums over in the iTunes Podcast directory… it's free to subscribe, so that means it is also silly not to subscribe)




Besides searching for whatever tracks / artists tickle your fancy on whichever music site you prefer to use / is available in your country, I've included links to exfm for each track (as it is not only one of my favourite sites, but also available across all borders).

On top of that,  I will also be posting more about the music included in this episode throughout the week, and you can filter all those posts by clicking on the Episode 011 tag (and you can click on any of the artist tags below to see any other posts that may feature said artist).

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