Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 009


After a small hiatus from the bi-weekly radio show to get the new website ready, 'Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK' returns this Sunday with a 90 minute Christmas Special.

Now, if you're like me, you have a complicated love some things / hate a lot of other things relationship with this time of year. Well, this episode is a mix tape-us for the rest of of us. Yes, it features Christmas music, but none of that Michael Buble/Josh Groban, sugar cookie sweet garbage that is being constantly played in every department store your girlfriend drags you through. These tunes capture the more realistic feelings that yuletide season brings out.

Some of the tracks aren't even really Christmas songs. They just evoke familiar feelings that are unique to this time of year (like Harlem Shakes 'Strictly Game', which is my go to anthem for getting ready to take on a new year). Some of them are Christmas songs, but they are really good ones. Modern classics one might even say.

So get out the eggnog, put on an ugly sweater and tune in to the show.


Besides searching for whatever tracks / artists tickle your fancy on whichever music site you prefer to use / is available in your country, I've included links to exfm for each track, where possible (as it is not only one of my favourite sites, but also available across all borders). On the tracks I couldn't find on exfm, I linked up to the next best possible place to listen.

On top of that,  I will also be posting more about the music included in this episode throughout the week, and you can filter all those posts by clicking on the Episode 009 tag (and you can click on any of the artist tags below to see any other posts that may feature said artist).

Episode 009 (Xmas Special) - Now Streaming On Mixcloud

Episode 008 - Now Streaming On Mixcloud