Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 005


Episode number 5 will be starting off with the 3rd installment of  'Bedroom Sessions', this time coming from my friend Scott Rudd (who you may remember from Episode 1, as well as from the HI54LOFI RECORDS Valentines Day compilation that was put out back in February). That track is followed by the loudest track I've put on one of these shows yet; so brace your ears and speakers for that (hint: I've been listening to a lot of Two Gallants debut album, in anticipation of their new one).

Some of you might recognize a good portion of this mix as an old Mixcloud mix I put together. I have been away in France for the last week and was running a bit short on time (plus, I always really enjoyed the mix and only a handful of people had listened to that old mix, so it seemed like a good reason to put it back out there). But that old mix was only 40 minutes, so there is a fresh 20 minutes of tunes added on to it (16 tracks in total).




Besides searching for whatever tracks / artists tickle your fancy on whichever music site you prefer to use / is available in your country, I've included links to exfm for each track (as it is not only one of my favourite sites, but also available across all borders).

On top of that,  I will also be posting more about the music included in this episode throughout the week, and you can filter all those posts by clicking on the Episode 005 tag (and you can click on any of the artist tags below to see any other posts that may feature said artist).

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