It all started when I had this thought the other day.

You might even call it an idea.

What if, instead of waiting in the dark until whenever I get the 'HI54 re-design / re-launch' finished in its entirety, what if I just put together a little Advent Calendar instead?
That way I could take some breaks from working behind the scenes and share a few things. Sorta dip my toes back into blahgging while I also slowly putting back together the websites I recently took the metaphorical dynamite to.

But then I thought, “But Jeremy, you’re pretty far away from finishing the site and you still have a lot of things to figure out and work to get done… you can’t just be inviting people over to an unfinished website!”

To which I retorted, “But Jeremy, remember, we just talked about this—you wouldn’t be inviting people over to an unfinished website. You would just make an Advent Calendar section and you would keep everything else hidden."

And those two versions of myself went back and forth for awhile.

“But what about…"

“Again, the entire thing would just be an Advent Calendar. Nothing else needs to be ready or finished."

“Yeah, but the navigation menu…"

“Just an Advent Calendar."

"But links and formatting and…"

"Advent 👏  Calendar 👏 "

Anyways, you get the point


What you are seeing is not the finished website.

This is not the relaunch.

It’s just a mock advent calendar.

And not even one of those proper ones where something new is revealed every day. In fact, I think I'll cross-conceptualize with that 12 Days Of Christmas jingle and cap this Advent Calendar off at only a dozen reveals.

Merry Christmas and a “Bah who-gives-a-humbug,” to you too.


Jeremy // @HI54LOFI