SHUFFLE UPDATE: August 5, 2019

Another SHUFFLE UP’D EIGHT has been pulled — but this week’s featured shuffle update is for the ‘WHEN I SAID I LIKED “COUNTRY” MUSIC’ playlist (which just so happens to be an ongoing shuffle of 95 ‘proper country’ tracks from — well, according to one guys tastes/preferences).

Fandcamp: In the Shadows (Again)

“In The Shadows reminded me of the first time I heard Sturgill Simpson’s album ‘Metamodern Sounds in Country Music’ which ended up being my album of the year in 2014. This has elements of psych, punk, and classic country with its sweeping reverb and spit shined steel guitar. Think along the lines of Marty Stuart meets Lucero for an idea of what to expect. The entire discography of this TX punk is gold.”