All in EVENS


“I realize that Australia and New Zealand are totally different countries and the people don't like being confused with each other *BUT* I think we can all agree that they're very close in proximity on the map and their flags kinda look the same, so… here's a 54 track playlist featuring artists from both totally different countries.”

20X12 | 240 SONGS FROM 2012

Since the year in question is 2012, and since 20X12 = 240, this yearly summary playlist consists of 240 nice tunes released in the year 2012. From 240 different artists. Reshuffled on the regular for repeat shuffles. You can’t argue with that math.

Fandcamp: Winged and Wounded

“Swim Lessons has the swag of back-to-basics acoustic Devendra Banhart Pre-Cripple Crow. It will make you nostalgic for that 2005 indie music era. However it will also make you deeply thankful we have this beautiful rich acoustic album by Swim Lessons to fill that shaky-vocal freak folk void.”