Use Facebook as your Page


Facebook recently came out with some new changes to their Pages feature (i.e. your band / business / etc. page). I won't get into all the details (you can check HERE for that - or just go to your page and see a preview), but I thought I would quickly say my piece on the change that is the nicest:

You can now interact on Facebook as your Page.

This is a pretty sweet improvement. Before, I could only communicate as HI54LOFI RECORDS directly on my Page. I could never take HI54LOFI RECORDS voice to anywhere else on Facebook and had to wait for someone to take their voice to my page in order to interact. That was quite limiting and I think a major reason why Facebook never took off for bands. Most of us were used to roaming around Myspace and talking to people as our Band and not with the names our mother gave us. Hopefully this change will bring back a lot of that interaction between musicians that I think a lot of people have been missing since Myspace pulled their own plug.

This change will especially have a huge effect on those musicians who like to / have to keep their creative world separate from their 9 to 5 world (and lets be honest, that is most of us). I know that back when I had an office job, I never had to worry about interacting on Myspace because no one in my real world really knew who HI54LOFI RECORDS was. Once the Facebook migration started, that interaction almost completely disappeared because now I had to go interact as Jeremy Sroka. This not only meant I could easily catch some grief for not working during office hours (come on bosses of the world, nobody works a full 8 hours anyways), but a lot of the bands I would have been interacting with wouldn't even have known who Jeremy Sroka was in the first place.

Anyways, I thought I'd quickly add my thoughts on this, mostly because the change that Facebook is introducing directly effects what I had just written about Facebook in the ‘The Next Myspace’ post that came before. This change makes getting a Facebook page for your band an even more obvious thing to do.

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