The long winded story of HI54LOFI RECORDS…


HI54LOFI RECORDS began out of the fall of Myspace, circa late 2009. But it really started a few years before.

Like a lot of people, I had done some home recordings and put them up on the internet. And I became friends with a bunch of people who had done the same. Things were fun and exciting and a lot more simple. No one was thinking about press releases or twitter feeds. We were just sharing the music we were making, often as soon as it was made. Genuine connections were made, which was comforting, as I think it takes a certain feeling of isolation to drive someone to start posting musical dairy pages up on to the internet for anyone to see.

Myspace was pretty much the only place to hang out on the web at that time and we all had a good handle on it.

But then the ship started to sink. And all around that sinking ship were a bunch of new shiny ships, all willing to take a bit of your luggage.  Put your music on this boat and put your pictures over here. Share random thoughts on this boat and use another boat to link up to the other boats (but not all the boats). There was panic and confusion and not enough time to figure out which boat was the best one to hop on board with, but the only other option was to call it a day and go down with the ship (which some did). 

And as everybody was paddling in every direction, that is kind of when HI54LOFI RECORDS started.


I didn't know what I was doing, but I was intrigued by the new possibilities. And more than anything, I wanted to hold on to the atmosphere that used to exist on Myspace. So I asked some of those friends if they'd be interested in not knowing what we were doing together.

So I started a 'not a record label, not not a record label' called HI54LOFI RECORDS, whose main objective was to try and prevent even more great little gems from getting lost out at sea, as well as attempt to maintain that little sense of camaraderie we developed on Tom's space.

I released some albums under the name. Helped with press releases and what not, but more than anything, HI54LOFI RECORDS kind of became a second home for a few albums. An extra place for some tunes to be wandered upon. In fact, there were some albums that came out before HI54LOFI RECORDS even existed, but they were added to the family of releases anyways. When you're a 'not a record label, not not a record label' you can do those kinds of things.

In a way, things are still at the same place. The main change is that I've decided to merge all the things that I enjoy internetting, and put them all into just one site. So HI54LOFIRECORDS.COM is no more. Now, HI54LOFI RECORDS is a part of HI54LOFI.COM.

And now the plan is to just get down to doing more of the things I enjoy. And to do them better.

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