The Golden Age Of Music Blogging…?

When people are just spreading things that have been heavily marketed, they seem more like pawns than fans. Not that I’m saying people are thoughtless, but I never see music as a popularity contest… I hate mobs, and I’ve never believed that the most popular thing and the best thing ever correlate. I think that we’re losing something. Perhaps it’s the idea that music should challenge people a little bit, every now and then.
— Sean Adams

That quote came from an interesting interview that did with DIS's Sean Adams, entitled 'Legendary Music Blogger Sean Adams on ‘Slow Death of MP3 Blogging’'. But I didn't find out about the article until after I saw yvynyl's tumblr post saying this:

This is a great piece on somewhat of an over-played topic. Personally, I think we’re living in the Golden Age of music blogging. Sean has a lot of great points in this piece, and I don’t think he’s as negative as the title of the piece implies. But what’s so exciting about this is that we ARE seeing a whole new paradigm emerge, and that we’re all invited to play around in the space.  Most innovative ideas win. It’s fun!

Personally, I think they both make valid points. We are in a golden age for making and discovering music… but that also has a cost (and I think we're all starting to realize it). Music has such a high turnover rate / short shelf life that it often feels like an album gets only about a week of attention before it becomes completely forgotten about (a week is probably being a bit generous… a day or two might be more accurate).

I think the tweet that Sean mentions in his interview sums things up quite aptly:

“Firsties Is Killing Music.”

I know it is something that I noticed it every since becoming a casual blogger. There is just such a daily churn of new music that it ends up burying all music.

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