The Cool Thing About Digital Music

That’s the fucking cool thing about digital music. You can look at it as this new kind of jigsaw puzzle - reverse something and pull it into a million pieces and run it through reverb. It’s like you can almost play with it visually.
— Jim James

I think Jack White is a cool dude, and I appreciate his love for 'the old way' of doing things, but sometimes I think he gets a little too hung up on how recording with old technology is the only way to make genuine / great music (there are plenty of places where you can find Jack talking about this, but the most recent one that comes to mind is this interview he did with Conan O'Brien). I agree that autotune and the like is a shitty thing —and of course there is something authentically cool about recording the way it used to be done— but I'm a bit more inline with the excitement that Jim James has for digital recording.

You can do some pretty cool things with modern recording, and I don't think doing so puts you in the same boat as a  Kei$ha or the Leave It To Beiber.

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