Spotify + Tumblr


Yesterday, yvynyl posted about how Spotify is now 'integrated' into Tumblr, which was the first time I heard about that ('integrated' being in quotations for reasons I'm sure anyone from a non-Spotify country or even just not logged into Spotify will surely have experienced).

Perhaps it just happened, although I have been vacant from the internet for the past little while, so maybe this is old news. Either way, today I started to see a few people doing audio posts where the track was being pulled from Spotify and I'm not a big fan.

I don't have any major issues with what Spotify does. It can be a handy service for checking out an album you've heard about, whether that be a brand new release or something from before you were born (or more accurately, a handy way to listen to albums from artists who don't use Bandcamp). And I have found Spotify to be a nice way for me to create a personal 'radio station' for my own listening pleasures while at work (you know, where you want to have music you enjoy on while you go about your day, even though your mostly preoccupied with working and not 'really' listening).

And Spotify has a very good selection of music and the interface is pretty intuitive. And since I am currently living in England, I reside in one of the chosen countries. But that's kind of the thing.

I'm originally from Canada. So not only do I know what it is like to only know about a product like Spotify existing, but most of my friends still live there and still only know about Spotify. So Spotify linking up with a worldwide sharing platform like Tumblr (and Facebook before) sort of misses the point of worldwide sharing. A lot of people get a music player or link to music they can't listen to.

Which is kind of dicky and exactly the reason why I don't bother sharing Spotify tracks on Facebook, and the same reason why I don't see myself using this new Spotify & Tumblr integration.

Sharing Spotify music outside of the Spotify platform is the equivalent of a group people talking about an upcoming party… and one person in that group was never invited to the party. And then they're like "I didn't know Tom was having a party" and everybody else is like "Oh shit, I forgot that Terry wasn't invited". Just last week, Spotify tried to tell me that I should send some music to my Canadian Facebook friend. Which seemed like a mildly cruel joke to play on him.

On a side note… why doesn't Tumblr integrate with Bandcamp already? That's something I could get behind (and seems like something that should exist already).

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