Song + Story - Shine by A Singer of Songs

Here's the lovely new tune A Singer of Songs recently put up on his Tumblr. Perhaps this will be on the set list when we go on our little European tour? Either way, here's the story behind it:

Some songs just pop out. You pick on the guitar or hum in the shower or wrestle with the bed sheets on a sleepless night and all of sudden there it is. Like an unexpected visitor who has brought his or her own booze. They are little surprises that come from places you don’t really know.
Then there are songs that plow their way to you. Slowly. You see them make their way on the horizon and they get closer little by little. Step by step. ‘Shine’ is such a song. The melody fell upon me a year ago in autumn, then some words joined in during a walk in the hills in winter and finally it became a song this past summer. I love sunshine but I am not a great friend of summer. It makes me restless, and sometimes the only way to keep me from scratching walls is to write and record. So here it is: ‘Shine’. An expected visitor.
There will be a lot more soon. I am planning a tour around Europe with Ana Franco, Benjamin Shaw and Jeremy Sroka this coming autumn. I will release a free collection of outtakes and rarities for the occasion. Birdcircus is finishing an album. And I have recently formed a band with a singer I love a lot, and we are working hard on songs and some surprises. It is all coming your way, slowly. Little by little.

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