Operation Get Lieven Off Of Myspace


One of the tricky things for bands who got used to using Myspace as their main connection point with fans and other artists is, making the leap away from the site invested so much time in to getting to grips with in the first place. It can be a daunting task to scrap what you know and dive into figuring out some thing new, especially since there is never a guarantee that the next 'new thing' you try won't end up being bettered by the next 'next new thing'. But, at the same time, sinking ships are not safe to ride around on.

Lieven (aka A Singer of Songs) was one of those artists who was reluctant to cut his ties with Myspace and start re-building his online presence else where. This is not because he is an ill equipped dinosaur of a bygone era, he is just one of those artists who does not spend a lot of time online to begin with. He's also been busy. But he is also a friend. And friends don't let friends exist solely on Myspace. So I sent Lieven an email and told him that I would get him set up properly on a few of the 'essential sites', and I would also hook him up with an official website.

Part of the motivation for this —besides getting Lieven's music living in a nicer apartment— was to share with others what we did and what we used. And maybe go a bit into detail on how something was setup and why. It might just be me, but I find it helpful when people share these sorts of things. But I'll save the 'detail' for some other posts and just give a quick run down of what we were able to knock out in 2 days:

  • Got him setup on Soundcloud
  • Got him setup on Tumblr
  • Got his BandPage tab setup for his Facebook page (BandPage uses the tracks you have on your Soundcloud page and can even import your Tumblr posts)
  • Built an OFFICIAL WEBSITE that automagically: pulls in his feeds from Facebook and Tumblr; pulls in his music from Bandcamp and Soundcloud; and uses a custom domain (all for only $30 a year, using Flavors).

Anyways, I'll probably post more about some of these above sites in future blog posts (if the rapture doesn't muck things up), as I think they are all great sites and I know that if I wasn't really aware of any of them, I'd appreciate someone pointing them out to me.

If you use any of the above sites, maybe swing by Lievens pages and say hello / like / follow. He's as good a person as he is a musician.

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