It's (almost) Time for Timeline


So tomorrow is the day that Facebook will be making their Timeline look mandatory on all pages. Which means, if you haven't got yours ready yet, it might look a bit wonky tomorrow (for you and anyone who visits it). I put together a blog post awhile back with a few tips on getting yours ready and you can still check that out for a good starting point (it doesn't take too long to get something in place that looks pretty good).

One thing that original blog post mentioned as two negatives (I guess that would be 'two things that original blog post mentioned'), has been addressed today by Roots Music (i.e. the people behind BandPage… which all bands should be using). Those two things were:

  • you can no longer set an App (like BandPage) as your default landing page
  • most Apps had not updated their services to better fit the new wide layout of the Timeline look

To see how to deal with both of those issues (in regards to your BandPage tab), check out the Roots Music blog for their detailed post on the topic.

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