It Is Time To Delete Your Myspace


I will admit that, even though I do agree with everything this article says (an article which I came across while reading another article that is equally worth checking out if you make music), I haven't actually gone as far as to delete our Myspace page yet. I'm not entirely sure why, as I have basically given up logging into the account entirely and I never hesitate to slag off the Tom & Fox production. I guess there is still a little bit of 2008 nostalgia left in me, clutching on to a life jacket made of faded memories of band to band interaction and unrealistic play counts. Or maybe delete buttons just scare me a bit; they seem so final.

In a way —and I realize this analogy is veering into the ditch, even as I write it— Myspace feels a bit like an unwanted pregnancy. Aborting it seems a bit too harsh. But maybe letting it live, only to completely ignore it and give it absolutely no attention is also a bit too harsh. It really is a complicated issue.

Plus, there are other options.

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